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12-Oct-2017 13:43

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And until the day she died, the people who worked in her house referred to Mum as Mrs Rosenberg.“Old-fashioned courtesies still mean a lot to me and I try and instil them in my son [15-year-old Cooper].”Mum Joan and Melissa always shared a passion for fashion and it’s there that she can unleash her outrageous side.

Mother and daughter worked together as presenters on the E!

Now, Melissa, with help from Scott Currie—a former producer of Rivers’s daytime talk show—has brought together some of its highlights in the new book , published tomorrow.

Among the discoveries were reams of photographs—including a copy of the one of herself that Joan stole off the family piano when she was 8 and sent to MGM, in hopes of being “discovered.” There were cards and letters from the likes of Ronald Reagan and Prince Charles, both of whom, oddly enough, were close friends, and 55 volumes of scrapbook news clippings dating back to 1959.

“He’s been a great support to me over the last few years – but don’t tell him that!

” Melissa is currently developing more television series and writing a book alongside a writing partner, one of her mother’s old friends, and with whom she “laughs every day”.

Apart from a fast track to fame, being the child of a Hollywood star doesn’t come with any guarantees of success.

However, Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa not only graduated from a top American university, but has also been an accomplished equestrienne, actress, author, television producer and TV host.

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In tribute, we’ve gathered 50 of her best jokes to help us laugh through all the tears.

My parents were real workers, who made their own way in the world and who said, ‘You don’t know who you’re going to meet and what opportunities you’re going to get.’ If you love what you do – and I love every aspect of our business – then it’s an honour for me to go to work.” She pauses and laughs.

When Joan Rivers died unexpectedly, in 2014, during a minor medical procedure, she left behind her daughter and Fashion Police lieutenant, Melissa; her beloved grandson, Cooper; a legendarily overdecorated apartment on New York’s Upper East Side (“This is how Marie Antoinette would have lived if she had money,” she once said); and a storage unit packed to the rafters with—as Melissa puts it—“boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of all her stuff.”Indeed, over the course of her 81 years, Rivers had amassed a personal archive worthy of a head of state.

television channel show Fashion Police, where Joan’s take on celebrity fashion made jaws drop.“If that dress was a baby, it would have been wrapped in a newspaper and abandoned in a mall bathroom,” said Joan about a red-carpet frock she hated.

And on a particularly revealing cleavage, “That neckline is plunging faster than Aretha Franklin’s head into a bucket of fried chicken.”No wonder Joan was a hard act to follow.

She made a brief foray back into the acting world when she had a cameo role playing her mother in the Jennifer Lawrence movie Joy.

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