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“VH1 is heartbroken to hear of Howard’s passing,” the network said in a statement.“Howard was a wonderful man, a true partner and a visionary producer.Beijing's man-made islands in the South China Sea are now bristling with military hardware as the country seeks to build more bases overseas, a US report said in June.The base on the hotly-contested Spratly Islands has been outfitted with 24 fighter-sized hangars, runways, water and fuel storage, a large port, communications equipment, fixed-weapon positions and a barracks.The ship can dig as deep as 35 metres (115 feet) into the sea.

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Measuring 140 meters (460 feet) long and 27.8 meters (91 feet) wide, Tiankun can smash underwater rocks as well as move sand, mud and water to construct man-made islands.

Tiankun is 1.3 times more efficient than Tianjing, meaning it could potentially build nine islands in one year.

It can dig deeper and move water, mud and sand farther than Tianjing.

, premiering on Wednesday, February 25 at /c, will match five singles with a partner to race around the world with.

These five blind dating pairs will compete against six actual dating couples.Tianjing reportedly built seven artificial islands within a year's time in the contested region that's also claimed by Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, among other countries.