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08-Jul-2017 07:13

He presents himself as a "very compassionate, nice guy," but when the women want to leave, he intimidates them.

He calls himself a personal trainer on his Facebook page, but police that's not true.

Seth Mull allegedly forced a woman to take drugs, burned her, choked her and forced her to become a sex slave. After the crimes he is charged with at a Bethlehem hotel were publicized, more than a dozen additional victims came forward, according to Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli.

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It's in these divergent views toward this historic symbol that America's fractured narrative, riven 150 years ago and never repaired, becomes clear. My hunch is it starts by deeply understanding the brutality that was slavery in the here and now, and not putting it off on past generations as their burden alone.

Most victims are in their 20s but their backgrounds vary, police said.

The first victim to come forward dialed 911 after a 24-hour stay in the hotel room.

Imagine my surprise when at almost 60 I learned that my own state, New Jersey, was once an enthusiastic booster of slavery.

My path to enlightenment started while I was helping my daughter at her stand at our local farmers’ market last summer.

In the immediate aftermath of the election of President Obama back in 2008, a Gallup poll found a state of near euphoria among the public when it came to our hopes for improved race relations; 70 percent of the people polled predicting improvement.

While many of the rules had been around, but not enforced, a few of them have students rolling their eyes in disgust. Girls can't wear short shorts, sandals without a back strap, high heel shoes or hats.… continue reading »

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“Well, she said, “I’m supposed to tell you that Joe said he is here.” There is a picture of a young Irish woman that hangs in the 5th house on the left.… continue reading »

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