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I was recently diagnosed as having an allergy to the cold, and although the doctor tried to explain it to me, I didn’t fully understand what it is.

She said the only way to fight off the allergic reaction was to take an antihistamine before going outside.

When combined with As the Good Book Says..., the ominousness goes through the roof.

Just about every mental institution scene has someone chanting some sort of non sequitur in the background.

Contrast the Talkative Loon, who at least varies the chatter.

What exactly are cold alleriges, and what can be done about them?

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The immune system is an intricate, interconnected network designed to protect our bodies from the dangers of the world around us, especially the danger of invasion from infectious organisms of all types or from the civil war of our own cancerous cells turned against us.Even when it is not, you can develop cold urticaria after receiving a blood transfusion from someone who has it.Most people don’t know that allergies can be transmitted in transfusions, but they can (Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, WB Saunders, 2000)!"Better safe than sorry, Better safe than sorry, Better safe than sorry, I can't believe he bit me!! I, I opened the door before and I got bit for my trouble. If they aren't locked up, expect a room with every square inch stating the phrase.

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Sometimes, it becomes their life-long theme song as they rock back and forth in a cozy padded room.

And woe betide us all if this non sequitur should be significant.