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04-Jul-2017 07:07

We firmly believe that a good game is ultimately more than sum of its parts.

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We have great relationships with a pool of top-tier local development talent happy to offer their services.Or head to a local Tailors to get a new custom outfit.Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Stables where you can buy and secure your trusty steed and everything you’ll need for him or her.With several biomes (world regions) available at launch, you'll sure to find “your favorite hangout” in this dusty, dirty new world. Hit up one of the many traditional Saloons in the world, drink some whiskey (it’ll heal you, but don't overdo it!

), play some games of chance and enjoy other social activities.

Your actions in this world WILL affect your reputation, which will define how other players and NPCs view and treat you.