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Leaving the city behind us, we'll follow the road along the banks of the Wairoa River and head north to Waipoua Forest, where we'll stretch our legs, greeted by native birdlife as we pass beneath huge kauri trees.We'll then continue through to the west coast settlement of Opononi, a harbour town made famous in the mid-1950s by the tame dolphin, Opo, who used to let children ride on his back.More than 1000 years ago, Maori warrior chief Kupe and his people were the first to arrive in New Zealand, landing on the shores of Hokianga Harbour.The area was also one of the first points of Maori and European contact.Later we'll head to 'the Jewel of the Bay of Islands', Paihia, a bustling seaside town with golden sand beaches.Paihia Lodgings, Paihia (All meals)This morning we’ll take a water taxi from Paihia out to Deep Water Cove for a ridgeline hike to Cape Brett through the Manawahuna Scenic Reserve.As with any baby name, it pays to test drive Maori baby names before you put them on the birth certificate.

This Pã is widely recognised as one of the most significant historical sites in New Zealand.

Whales, dolphins and orca can often be spotted, as well as a myriad of fish species that constantly trawl the reserve.

You'll visit the world's largest sea cave, and hear all about the islands' history including their occupation by ancient Maori.

Of course, you don’t have to be Maori to choose a Maori name for your little boy or girl.

Kiwis descended from other nationalities love Maori names too!

Marama – “moon” Ngaio – “clever” Ngaire – silver fern Pania – a beautiful sea maiden in a Maori myth Whina – “helper” Arapeta – “noble, famous” Arana – “rock” Amiri – “from the east wind” Hare – “manly” Hahona – “healer” Hemi – a Maori version of James Hehu – “rescued by God” Henare – “rules the home” Irirangi – “spirit voice” Maaka – the Maori version of Mark Marama – “moonlight” Matiu – “gift from God” Tipene – the Maori version of Steven Pita – this Maori version of Peter also embodies the qualities of stone or rock Rawiri – “beloved” Ropata – “bright fame” Rua – “lake” Ruru – morepork, NZ’s native owl Rongo – God of Peace Tane Mahuta – God of the forest Tangaroa – God of the sea, rivers and lakes If you don’t know for sure the definition of a Maori word you’re considering as a name make sure your research it: there are loads of excellent English/Maori dictionaries online or talk to someone who is fluent in the language and/or knowledgeable in tikanga Maori.