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The court physician reports that Fracassus has “Tourette’s, only without the Tourette’s.” What’s worse, the young man has no interest in changing. Ineducable because there was nothing more he would need to know.” [Review: Howard Jacobson’s ‘Shylock Is My Name’] For Jacobson, that incurious mind is a capital crime, and it quickly becomes the target of this slim, raucous novel.Realizing they have “nurtured a brute,” the Duke and Duchess call for a new tutor to help Fracassus “learn to conceal the indifference he feels towards everybody but himself.” The man they hire is Kolskeggur Probrius, a cynical professor of phonoethics who studies the relationship between language and ethical thinking. "You can't be Pablo if your work ain't sellin' / What the fuck is this bitch inhalin'? U got 72 hours to drop a hit and I'll give u half a million dollars if you can book ANY show or interview w/o mentioning the Queen name. Lol my babies, you're gonna get your complete LIFE. Let's go.""#No Frauds #Changed It #Regret In Yours Reggie Martin and S/O to Lady Luck for spkn facts," Minaj wrote. Lol."Minaj also shared her thoughts on "Regret in Your Tears." As she told her 75.7 million Instagram followers, "This just became my favorite song of all time. Minaj responded Thursday by releasing The 34-year-old rapper recruited her Big 3 partners Drake and Lil Wayne for "No Frauds," in which she mocked her 36-year-old enemy's follow-up single. “Bombs only kill when we’re scarred to kill the killer.” “Greatest margin of victory in any televised debate in history.” “Pussy” soars highest when it drifts a little further from the pre-satirized antics of the past year.Young Fracassus’s crush on the bare-chested Culture Secretary of Gnossia is a pure cringing delight.As Howard Jacobson correctly pointed out to the Guardian, “ ‘Pussy’ isn’t going to persuade anyone who’s already persuaded otherwise.” [Review: Howard Jacobson’s Booker-winning ‘Finkler Question’] But for nasty women and their ilk, this is hot revenge in print (and Chris Riddell’s illustrations, starting with that irresistible cover, are brilliant).The story — a kind of grotesque fairy tale — takes place in the walled Republic of Urbs-Ludus, whose citizens adore giant hotels and “fantastical coiffure.” The republic’s favorite blog is Brightstar, “a platform for nativist, homophobic, conspirationist, anti-mongrelist ethno-nationalism.” (Most of the book’s targets are no more heavily disguised than this allusion to Steve Bannon’s far-right Breitbart News.) All seems prosperous in the “Game Economy,” but there’s trouble a-brewing; the Grand Duke and Duchess are concerned: Their second son and heir presumptive, Fracassus, is not developing into the leader they had hoped.

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His vocabulary is limited to a trio of obscene terms that he shouts at anyone he deems inferior — which is to say, everyone.

“Fracassus was not only short of words, he seemed to be in a sort of war with them,” Jacobson writes.

You will never forget their toe-wrestling in the forest.

By the end, Jacobson turns his satiric rage on the voters who empower this “monstrous and abnormal thing.” Professor Probrius believes that Fracassus is “a mirror into their secret selves.” The Fracassites, as they’re called, love that their idol pays no taxes. They laugh at his imitation of a man with special needs.

On his 18th birthday, for instance, Fracassus is introduced to Twitter, “the media equivalent of perpetual motion.” His mother worries that he doesn’t possess enough words to fill 140 characters, but her husband consoles her: “One word can sometimes be enough.” “In Fracassus’s case,” she says, “it will have to be.” For comic absurdity, the tweets that Jacobson makes up have trouble competing with Trump’s actual Twitter feed.