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It also means exploring new opportunities like small modular reactors, which hold the promise of low cost, low carbon energy." This was reinforced in July 2017 with the National Grid’s update of Future Energy Scenarios.

The company is working on the development of four 300 MWe open cycle gas turbine units, intending to commit when “the UK capacity market clears at a price that provides a robust underpinning for such investment.” Two could be online by 2021, and the other two by 2024.UK generating capacity (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy data 27/7/17) at the end of 2016 was 78.3 GWe (68.4 GWe with grid access), comprising 16.7 GWe conventional steam, 31.8 GWe CCGT, 9.5 GWe nuclear, 16.2 GWe wind (gross), 11.9 solar (gross), 4.3 GWe hydro including pumped storage, 5.7 GWe bioenergy and wastes. Load factors in 2016 were 78% for nuclear, 49% for CCGT and 38% for other thermal plants (including coal – 16.5%), 27.9% for wind (23.7% onshore and 36% offshore), and 11% for solar.