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I tested it with 7.21 which has the variable set to 7/18/13 and it starts prompting you on 7/18 as expected (I mispoke in my post above 7/18 is correct). I’m using this to push anyone with a JRE related app to demand from the vendor to move away from it. We package it up just like any other version, disabling auto-updates, and everything looks fine. The scary part – you’d never even know this was a problem until it’s too late.

Then, we fast forward a few months and update 17 comes out. If you deployed the latest version you wouldn’t see any error messages at all. Update: Since 90% of corporate users are not local admins – that won’t work.

If you have a login, you can sign-in on click “Patches and Updates”, then search for patch ID 16758419.

BTW: I have applied this interim patch on my PC today and changed the system date to August 10 (which is beyond the expiration date for the official public JRE 1.7.0_21).

It does seem that Oracle FINALLY sees this is massive issue and has released some patched versions for this. I personally haven’t even looked at the patches yet, so use at your own risk. There any many different ways to look at resolving this at least temporarily. It appears a path was released for update 21, nothing that I can see for 25 yet.

From the comments **Update 5/16/2013 **** PLEASE read all comments before implementing this.

I believe this is telling Java what the current version is for each (1.8, 1.7, 1.6, etc). To automate this, you’ll need to create a script to walk the directory tree and add this to each users profile.

Result: Service Desk Call Let’s assume a user clicks “later” They will then see this additional popup message.