Aries and scorpion dating

09-Jul-2017 06:03

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I heard about the sex between Aries and Scorp, but I never dated an Aries man. Sometimes she can be very funny and loud and sometimes she is very abrupt by letting others know that she wants to be left alone.

I think I wasn't patient enough to let things evolve. Anyway, every relationship takes time until you know each other better. I then said, 'please, I invite you to get angry at me whenever you feel you need to be.

Then she argues that I hide too much, or tease her by unsuccessfully stowing away my emotions on purpose for her to notice, ask me, and for me to leave her hanging.

I have once done this to her, which I know is an incredibly cookiemonstery thing to do, but I was feeling frustrated at the time because she wasn't listening to my feedback and advice even though she had asked for it.

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Absolutely amazing sex, although it's hard for us to go slow with anything when we are both very passionate signs..wants to go fast, I want both what she wants and for us to take it slow, but my desires take over me and I let us go all the way..happens every time.

I'm a Scorpio girl who is currently dating an Aries girl.

We've only been dating for 2 weeks, and we've gone through a couple emotional rollercoasters..of them being that not too many people take as seriously, as we are 2 girls...which sucks, but I ignore it.

I have 2 great Scorp buddies (one was also of horizontal interest but still a great friend) who have known me for longer than you have been alive, which is kinda scary for me!! But you never know unless you give it a try I'm just starting to learn about my moon sign, and how important it is in astrology. "Still waters run deep", never Why do most of you (taurus men) lead women on? I am so grateful for all that have responded and shed light which led me to this post. We never slept together, never hugg Substitutional thread for : - do you wanna..- teena-ing -Jed jokes - place for us to mess around - place for us to meet up - place for us to drink....or something stronger - and much more *wink* *wink* @Skies Afire @Whiskey_in_a_bar Like what is with me? Like the other week I was laughing on public with a friend and this dude is like ".... " I don't want to get into the whole story but I almost pepper sprayed him.

but my respect for them grows all the time, even now. And they are so cool and calm - which is a nice balance for when I start getting Rambunctious I think compatiable - Yes! Maybe it's because of all the water we get along so well? Bu Everytime I see her my emotions get stronger and stronger.She is honest and caring and has the biggest most beautiful heart I know and I love her to bits forever.

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